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Hydraulic Power Packs

 Features and advantages
  • For driving high-density solids pumps, loading systems, silos, sliding frames and discharge augers.

  • Power class from 5.5 kW up to more than 1800 kW.

  • Oil pumps are connected in line with the electro motor.

  • Free-floating hydraulic for economic application.

  • Hydraulic oil level is above the oil pumps to avoid cavitation.

By using the hydraulic drive the conveying quantities and the pressure for different applications can be adjusted optimally and very flexible.

Conveying quantity and pressure are process-controlled also from the distance.

The hydraulic aggregate CI works very quiet due to a vibration-cushioned frame. The oil tank is specially coated inside and therefore corrosion-resistant. For electro and diesel aggregates the drive power is between 5.5 and 1800 kW, and under special circumstances even more. Depending on the required oil quantity the aggregate can be provided with open (EHS) or close hydraulic circle (FFHE).

For the undisturbed work all necessary informations (oil temperature, pressure, grade of soiling of the filter and engine speed) are shown and registered by request.


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