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KOS S-Tube Piston Pump

For the most extreme requirements
The KOS pump is particularly suitable for conveying highly viscous sludges and other material with a high content of coarse solids.

KOV Ball Valve Piston Pump

Easy installation – high reliability
The hydraulic driven double-piston pump. By omission of actively driven elements this results in a good value pump with the maximum availability.

HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump

For pasty and high viscous substances...
... with a low content of foreign substances and small grain size. The low maintenance costs and liability to wear make this pumps special.

EKO Single Piston Pump

For most extreme transport applications
The hydraulic driven piston also moves materials which have been regarded as not-pumpable recently.

Hydraulic Power Packs

The hydraulic power pack forms the joint drive mechanism for silo lid, sliding frame, discharge and feeding auger and piston pump.


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