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HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump

 Features and advantages

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The HSP series is used for pasty and highly viscous material with a low content of foreign bodies and small particle sizes (<15 mm).
Precise sealing of the valves achieves extremely high pumping pressures.

The installation principle of the hydraulic and pumping pistons corresponds to the Putzmeister KOS and KOV series. This ensures the maximum reliability and availability.

Two special features of the Putzmeister installation are the easy replacement of the valves as well as the high lifetime of the wear parts. Valves and valve seatings are of highly wear-resistant steels and can be used at double-ended. This doubles their service life. Valves can be replaced easily without dismantling the delivery lines.

All familiar and established Putzmeister options and variants are available for the HSP series as well.


 delivery pressure
 up to 250 cu.m/h 
 up to 150 bar


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