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EKO Single Piston Pump

 Features and advantages

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The EKO series is designed for the most extreme pumping tasks. The open filling hoppers enable a feeding of the pump with extremely dry material with a high content of foreign substances. The hydraulic driven piston also moves materials which have been regarded as not-pumpable, such as highly dewatered paper sludges.

The EKO Crown model is equipped with a delivery piston with a hardened teethed cutting crown. This pump is used for material containing large-sized foreign substances, which can result in blocking of the pumps in other systems. The EKO pumps and cuts  this material at the same time.
Even the most difficult materials, such as sewage treatment plant screenings or shredded barrel waste in a special waste combustion can be trouble-free conveyed in the delivery line.

The Type EKO PP (Press and Pump) is able to seperate shredded, expired foodstuff into biomass and packings.

A quasi-continuous operation is also possible with the double EKO version.


 delivery pressure
 cutting force
 up to 14 cu.m/h 
 up to 60 bar
 up to 80 t



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