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Your requirements to our high-density solids pumps can be very individual and versatile. We have to pay attention to many factors to find the best solution for your special application. The more information we get about a possible job-site, the better the different components can be better harmonised.

If you are interested in our products we kindly ask you to download the questionary below and send it back to us filled with your datas. Many informations from your side help us to get a good impression of your demands and requirements.

Please go on as follows:

The form for e-mail is an interactive WORD-document, in which you can fill the fields on your computer. After saving the file please send it to

You are also welcome to fill it handwritten. Please then use the form for FAX. Writing in printed capital letters can avoid misunderstandings. Please feel free to fax the form to (FAX) +49 7127 599 988 or to send it by letter.

We will contact you as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to receiving your message!


WORD form for sending with e-mail
Questionnaire (F6762 GB) [*.DOC; 222 KB]

PDF form for sending by FAX / LETTER
Questionnaire (F6762 GB) [.PDF; 35 KB]




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