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Waters are the lifelines of economy, recreation areas for people and living spaces for animals. The careful handling is therefore the most important mission. Putzmeister offers innovative solutions to remove and transport dredged material, surface water sludge or silt.

The sludge removal is performed by shovel excavators or directly by the submersible Putzmeister high density Solid Pumps.

Pumping is even possible with a high dry solid content, so that the diluting of water can be avoided.
A key benefit – finally there is the target to use the lowest quantity of Water to moove big quantities of sediment. Environmental friendliness and efficiency are entirely combined.

By using KOS S-transfer tube pumps, sediment with a high dry solid content can be pumped much more efficiently than with conventional pumping processes in this range. Centrifugal pumps use less water as carrier as piston pump systems use water as lubrication media only.




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