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Technology in Mining
Mining applications
TS 3881
KOS 1060 DSC on crawler track
Self-feeding sludge pump
IP 4709
Cement Backfill at Porgera Gold MIne
Site report
IP 4434
Economic and safe tailings pumping at Bulyanhulu in Tanzania
Site report
IP 3275
Plutonic Gold Mine, West Australia
Site report
IP 3721
Placing backfill material with Putzmeister high-density solids piston pumps
Mining applications
IP 3744
Backfilling in mines and draining pools with KOS high density solids pumps
Site report
TS 2033
High-density solids pumps extinguish fires in subsurface coal deposits
Site report
IP 3936
High density solids pumps convey sludges containing sand
Site report
TS 1950
Elefantino BSM 1002 E
Mining applications
TS 1687
Economic and safe pumping
Site report
IP 4643


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